I want to burden the conscience of the affluent with all the suffering and all the hidden, bitter tears.

Rosa Luxemburg

RLS in China

Fostering Social Justice and Equality

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) is one of the six major political foundations in the Federal Republic of Germany, tasked primarily with conducting political education for progressive social development both at home and abroad. The Stiftung is closely linked to the German Left Party, Die Linke. Since its founding in 1990, the Stiftung’s work has adhered to the legacy of its namesake, German socialist leader Rosa Luxemburg, and seeks to represent critical thinking and democratic socialism with an unwavering internationalist focus.

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Beijing Representative Office is located in Beijing, China. It supports the development of participatory, socially justice, and ecologically sustainable societies. The RLS China Regional Representative Office began operating in 2008 and officially opend in 2017. Now the Office works with various partner organisations in the People's Republic of China.


Book Highlight - Immer noch tastend den Fluss überqueren

The Chinese development model has undergone numerous changes in recent decades. The People's Republic is currently in the midst of a rapid process of transformation and exploration, with outcomes that are difficult to predict. All of this makes it challenging for Western observers to comprehend and assess the political and economic transformation. However, while within the country, it is repeatedly emphasized that the 'exploratory' process is oriented towards a 'modern socialism' (on the path to a better life in the new era), in the West, and occasionally even within leftist circles, China is categorized as (state) capitalist, and the Chinese self-description is dismissed as mere propaganda.

The controversial Chinese debate regarding their own model, its internal logic, possible developmental directions, norms, and constraints, is largely unknown in the West. This volume aims to address that gap.


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