29/04/2021–01/05/2021  —  Beijing (Peking University)

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Against the background of an ecological and climate catastrophe, it becomes increasingly clear that the capitalist model of development, progress and welfare has reached its natural and social, functional and legitimate limits. It is therefore that the necessity of a radical transformation, as a reorganisation of forms production and consumption, the allocation of resources, the societal conditions of labour and ownership, in short: a search for fundamentally new socio-economic and socio-cultural path has moved up to the of the historical agenda. A new type of economic development is urgently needed. But how a sustainable economic mode beyond the traditional economic concepts can be achieved, how it should actually look like and how to initiate – here and now – entry-points towards hence economic transformation is far from clear.

Socialist eco-cilvilization, a term used by Chinese which is quite open and vague including its economy still in the sense of formulation towards transition, can be broadly translated into social ecological transformation as it has been used in European discourses. Therefore, questions about a new alternative economic mode (based on a new social relationship to nature) to replace current capitalist model should be seriously discussed with more in-depth analysis and research.

With these theoretical, practical and political-strategic expectations, the School of Marxism, Peking University and the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Beijing Office has cooperated to organize a series of workshops, conferences and publications about „Economy of Socialist Eco-Civilisation“ in 2019 and 2021.

Keynote speakers and topics in 2019:

  • Claus Thomasberger, The place of the economy in society, from market competition to eco-socialism     
  • Huan Qingzhi, Socialist Eco-civilization as a Transformative Politics           
  • Kohei Saito, Marx’s Eco-socialism in the Anthropocene
  • Cai Huajie, Ecologicalization of capitalism and critique of eco-Marxism  
  • Judith Dellheim, entry points of economic transformation and other answers     
  • Zhang Yunfei, political economics of socialist eco-civilization       
  • Cao Shunxian, Construction of eco-political economics of eco-civilization
  • Li Qiang, Construction of eco-civilization under the eco-capital discourse
  • Yang Yingzi, “Beautiful economy”: the focus of construction of “beautiful villages” in China           

Keynote speakers and topics in 2021:

  • ZHANG Yunfei (RUC), Marxist Political Economy and Socialist Eco-Civilization Theory
  • DING Xiaoqin (SUFE), Research on Socialist Eco-Civilization from the Perspective of Socialist Political Economy for a New Era
  • Li Qiang (CUFE), Green Value, Ecological Capital and Socialist Eco-Civilization Economy
  • XU Haihong (NUIST), Eco-Products and Eco-Labor from the perspective of Socialist Eco-Civilization
  • HOU Zifeng (HU), Practice and Reflection of Green Value/Ecological Capital Transformation in Zhejiang Province
  • CAI Huajie (FNU), Ownership Considerations in the Construction of National Park System
  • MA Hongbo (PSQPC), National Park Management from the Perspective of Eco-Civilization Economy
  • CAO Shunxian (NFU), The Construction of Socialist Eco- Civilization and the Green Transformation of Collective Economy
  • LIU Jinlong (RUC), “Beautiful Countryside Strategy” and Socialist Eco-Civilization Economy

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